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History of the GADEST conference series

Starting from 1985 in East Germany, the GADEST conference is biennially organized.

It was held until 1995 in Germany. After that it took place in Belgium and Sweden. The last meetings have encountered the "roarings of the Etna" in 2001 at Catania (Italy), the "quietness of the Spree river" in 2003 at Zeuthen (Germany), the famous "Cicada song" in 2005 at Giens Penninsula (France) and the “stunning views of Sicily” in 2007 at Erice (Italy).

The 13th GADEST conference in 2009 will lead you to Schorfheide Heathland (north of Berlin), one of Germany’s biggest nature reserves. The special charm of this landscape lies in its extended forests and lakes.