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Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations

Time for presentation
- Plenary talks: 50 minutes (40 min oral presentation + 10 min discussion)
- Invited talks: 40 minutes (30 min oral presentation + 10 min discussion)
- Oral contributions: 20 minutes (15 min oral presentation + 5 min discussion)
In view of the tight schedule, we ask all speakers not to exceed their time for oral presentation.

Presentation format
Presentations in Powerpoint and pdf format will be supported.

Presentation upload
To avoid technical problems with the presentations during the conference, speakers are requested to their presentations by Sept. 24. It is also intended to make the presented talks available to all participants after the conference, permission of the speakers provided. Therefore, when uploading the presentation files, speakers will be asked to indicate whether they agree on such distribution.
The early upload of the presentations will enable us to check if the presentation is displayed correctly and take appropriate measures if not. The speakers will still have the chance to modify their presentations by loading the updated file to the conference organizer’s computer at the evening before their talk.

Poster presentations

Poster size: A0 (landscape)
Width: 118,9 cm / Height: max. 84,1 cm

There will be two poster sessions:
Poster session 1 will be held on Sunday (Sept. 27) and Monday (Sept. 28) evening and poster session 2 on Tuesday (Sept. 29) and Wednesday (Sept. 30) evening.

Posters of session 1 can be displayed from Sunday noon. They have to be removed before Tuesday noon to allow installation of posters for session 2.

The poster number in the conference program corresponds to the number of the poster board. Tools for mounting the posters will be available.