IHP, Frankfurt (Oder)
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Scope of the conference

The GADEST conference (Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology) covers a broad range of topics - from theoretical analysis toward practical engineering solutions - that makes this meeting unique in the field. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for interactions between scientists and engineers engaged in the field of semiconductor defect physics, materials science and technology.

Fundamental aspects as well as technological problems associated with defects in electronic materials and devices will be addressed, ranging from micro- and nanoelectronics to photovoltaics. The conference will offer ample time for discussion and informal interactions between scientists and engineers coming from all over the world and representing different disciplines. This will ensure a lively exchange of opinions and may lead to a better understanding of the complex aspects of defect engineering which over the years was starting to shift from art into real science.

The strengthening of the interactions and exchanges between the communities working in the fields of crystalline silicon for micro/nanoelectronics and photovoltaics is a special ambition of the forthcoming GADEST conference.